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Low Interest Loan Singapore

We endeavor in providing the right financial support that you need, in the shortest time possible. Our satisfied customers have constantly returned to us over the years, trusting us in getting them the right financial support that they need.

Whether it is unexpected personal finance expenses such as medical bills, home repairs, overseas vacation or long-term loan to fund for education, business or wedding, we are attentive and do our best to tailor the loan that would suit your income and needs. We provide financial services with fast cash loans. 

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Fastest approval

Apply your loan with our online application. We ensures fastest approval in 15min, flexible loans with simple process to apply.

sg easy loan

1.5% low interest loan

Strive to provide low interest loans to match everyone’s needs. Just $0.33 Interest per day, lower than bank rates.

sg easy loan

24/7 support

Apply for your loan anytime anywhere. We will always be to assist you to solve your financial issues. Easy apply in 2min.

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As the most-established financial service money lender in Singapore, we are knowledgeable in market trends, fluctuations and legal processes surrounding all money lending options which has enabled us to provide innovative solutions with personal finance, offering fast cash loans with flexible repayment options.

Repayment Period: Minimum 6 months, maximum 60 months (5 years)

Maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 4%

Minimum Rate: 2% (2021 Best Loan Promotion)

Example of a loan:

Loan amount: $10,000

Loan duration: 48 months
Interest Rate: 4%

Total repayable: $10,400 for 48 months

(loan tenure would be $216 per month for 48 months consistently).

No Upfront adminstrative fee, No any hidden cost



Personal Loan

We provide flexible private loan online with just $0.33 interest per day. Instant and fast loan for urgent and emergency usage. Bankrupt or blacklisted accepted.

Business Loan

We know it is not easy to get a business/SME loans from the banks in Singapore, so we have designed loans that perfectly suit your need to help in growing business. Lower than bank rates.

unemployed loan

We provide an instant and fast approval cash loan to assist you to overcome the difficulties until getting a job with lowest interest rates in Singapore.

Fast Loan

Even those that carefully planned their monthly budget can be caught unawares by an unforeseen expense or emergency. Borrow 6x of your salary.

Our Provided Steps Towards Success.

We offer a fast, secure, and convenient process for you to get a loan. Here are the four simple steps:

01. Apply Online

Whatsapp/Call us or simply apply online form below to submit your application.

02. In Process

Our 24/7 customer support will go through your application within a short time. No documents needed.

03. Get Approval

Fastest private lender in Singapore, instant loan approval in 15 minutes.

04. Receive Cash

Get your cash transfer within 60 minutes without hidden fees.

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